Service Normal Price Price with
Educational Discount*
Base price $39 $29
ACE CREDIT® Recommendation Included
Career Strategies Included
CSM+ Courses Included
Lifetime biometric verification of the CSM Certificate Included
Framed CSM Certificate +$6 shipping and handling
Personal Expert Coach +$99
Optional FREE TRIAL** Included

CSM Course and CSM Certificate

Base price: $39 ($29 w/ ed. discount *)
ACE CREDIT ® Recommendation
Career Strategies
CSM+ Courses
Lifetime biometric verification of the CSM Certificate
Optional FREE TRIAL **
Framed CSM Certificate (+$6 s/h fee)
Personal Expert Coach (+$99)

* Educational institutions may apply for the educational discount at any time after they register their Organization Account. These discounts may be used by both the organization itself when it purchases the CSM Course and CSM Certificate for its students, or by the organization's students who paying separately.

** Each student can try the CSM Course for free until they are 10% towards earning their CSM Certificate or until they've worked for 2 hours, whichever comes later.

Services for Coaches and Administrators



  • Path-breaking tools for tracking student progress
  • Full suite of classroom management tools


Professional Development

  • Webinar or videos on CSM, the coaching philosophy, Toolkit, and best implementation and coaching practices
  • Unlimited check-ins with CSM staff to discuss coaching, students, Toolkit, etc



  • Unlimited implementation and planning support
  • Unlimited technical support


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  • Sponsor CSM for students or schools in your community
  • Include your logo for sponsored students, and information about your company or organization

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  • Add your logo to CSM for students at your organization

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Custom Content

  • Build custom CSM+ Courses with information specific to your organization or community (these can be interwoven with the CSM Course, or taken after completing the CSM Course)

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