We're not currently hiring for any specific position...but after we meet you, we might be! Our people are what make CSM a great product and CSMlearn a great place to work - if you're enthusiastic about CSM and our mission and want to be a part for it, send your resume and cover letter to careers@csmlearn.com.

We're a small company with a lot to do and too few people to do it - so whatever your strengths, there may be a fit! All of us are "talented generalists", coming from varied educational and career experiences, and we look for motivated, passionate, high-integrity people who function well independently in a loosely-structured environment. If that describes you, here are some additional things we're looking for in the people around us:

  • Extreme attention to detail - whatever you do, you need to do it RIGHT.
  • Adept, confident computer user
  • Curious
  • Well-organized
  • Question asker
  • Strong writing skills
  • Self-starter
  • Sense of humor


We always take our jobs and our goals seriously, but never ourselves - we've gotten where we are today by learning from (and laughing at) our previous failures.

Below are some roles we may be looking to fill in the short term:

  • Online coaches
  • Software developers (preferably full-stack, but across the board)
  • Marketing
  • Business development support


We hope to hear from you! And don't forget to send your resume and cover letter to careers@csmlearn.com!

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